Islah Ishak
Partner, Biotechnology, South East Asia
Islah Ishak has been in the biotech and healthcare related field for about 20 years. Her expertise ranges from healthcare IT business, medical implant (trauma) manufacturing, and AgriBiotechnology.
She was the Director of Healthcare Investment and Trade for Victoria State Government at their ASEAN office in Kuala Lumpur. During her tenure as a pioneer staff with the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, she looked at foreign and domestic investments in commodities related to AgriBiotechnology. She was the Regional Analyst for the Middle Eastern & North Africa markets at the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC).
Islah holds a Bachelors of Science from UPM and a Post Graduate Certificate in Plant Biotechnology from Michigan State University.
She is currently attached to an ASX listed company in Digital Health, Global Health Limited and a shareholder at OSA Technology Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia’s first trauma implant manufacturing company.