Portugal Golden Visa

Europe’s most popular & attractive residency program
In 2012, Portugal introduced its Golden Residence Permit Program (ARI) (commonly referred to as the Golden Visa) which provides non-EU/EEA citizens the opportunity to obtain a special residency permit (and ultimately citizenship) in exchange for a 5-year investment in Portugal. This program has presented itself to be the most popular and attractive in Europe as it is flexible and offers the quickest route to an EU residency permit. With the Portuguese Golden Visa, an Investor and his family members (including parents and dependent children) are free to live, work and study in Portugal and shall enjoy free movement within the Schengen area.

The Golden Visa can be obtained through different types of
investments. The investment must be held for a minimum of
period of 5 years, after which an Investor shall be entitled to
apply for Portuguese permanent residency and citizenship.
Investment Types:

  1. Capital transfer with a value of at least €1,000,000 (one
    million Euros) into a Portuguese bank account
  2. Purchase of Real Estate with a value of at least €500,000
    (five hundred thousand Euros)
  3. Purchase of Real Estate in a building of at least 30 years OR
    located in an urban rehabilitation area and undertake
    rehabilitation work on such real estate, with a value of at least
    €350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand Euros)
  4. Investment of at least €350,000 (three hundred and fifty
    thousand Euros) into an investment fund focusing on
    capitalising SME’s.

*There are other investment types requiring an investor to demonstrate the
creation of jobs in Portugal and invest towards scientific and technological
research, cultural heritage & artistic production.

Portugal Golden Visa Key Benefits:

  1. Only spend an average of 7 days in a year to maintain residency
  2. Travel visa-free within the Schengen area (26 European countries)
  3. Can include parents AND dependent children in one application
  4. Live and work and enjoy education and healthcare benefits in Portugal
  5. Permanent residency and Portuguese citizenship after 5 years *subject to the Portuguese language test

*The content in this document does not constitute specific legal and/or financial advice and should not be
relied upon as such. Investors should seek independent legal and/or financial advice before making any
investment and/or making an application for any residency permit program.